College Signings Update

As of February, Caledonia High School has announced they will not be doing a college signing at the school this year. Although this is upsetting to many students, the athletic department and administration felt it was risky to allow a group of people in from an outside standpoint with Covid. Normally, there would be a spring singing where students who are planning to play a sport in college are able to sign their letter of intent with their coach and other friends and family. This year, that will not be happening. But, they later sent out an email stating they may work towards being able to do a smaller signing outside when the weather gets nicer. For the sake of the athletes who have worked very hard for these accomplishments, we hope that happens.

For the time being, students are able to send in a different picture of them signing their letter of intent to be displayed on the TVs throughout the school and near the gym where other athletic activities take place. One problem some kids are having is that they do not have anywhere to sign their paper. People are trying to come up with ways to make this special, some students are able to sign at the college they are playing at while others are setting up their own at home college signing. This way they are still able to feel like it was an important thing and get a picture to send into the school. There has been some controversy with other schools in our area allowing signings to take place this year, but Caledonia has decided to go against it. There is still hope that a smaller outdoor signing can take place as the weather starts to get warmer. With Covid being a tough and hard year for these seniors, we appreciate the small things our school is doing to still honor our athletes.

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