Students Are Staying Occupied During COVID-19

Ever since the Coronavirus struck and Michigan’s governor, Gretchen Whitmer, placed a stay-at-home order, students have been finding new ways to keep themselves occupied as the state has been shut down. Whether it be rekindling a once known talent or making the most out of the new amount of family time, students have been getting creative to defeat their boredom.

Amber Lewandowski has “been enjoying the outdoors a lot and sitting outside by [her] firepit that [her] dad bought so [they] can now sit by it next to the pool, ” which gives her and her family a new change in scenery. With more time on Samantha Burmeister’s hands she has been “doing a lot of artwork, which [she] hasn’t done in awhile, as well as making [her] own gift for [her] mom that [she] hand painted.” Quarantine has brought Samantha closer to her natural talent of art and has given her the opportunity to sit down and focus on her masterpieces as she now has less to do during the day.

Although COVID-19 has made it seem like people are isolated from the ones they love, Tyler Kilmer has been able to “spend a lot of quality time with my family.” This has been something new for Tyler as he is usually working and hanging with his friends every chance he can get, causing him to be home as little as he can. The Coronavirus has changed Tyler’s plans and has led him to hanging out with his family to become his new normal.

Many more people besides Caledonia students have been getting creative with ways to stay occupied as well, according to Kelly McCarthy from ABC News. People have found a new love for puzzles, as they take on the challenge of finishing one thousand piece puzzles. Not only that, but baking has been a popular pastime for people of all ages. Whether one is getting their mind activated or their senses, Corona has brought the opportunity to others to take on the challenge of solving a puzzle or figuring out how to not burn their brownies.

During this time of crisis, CHS students appear to have been able to find the good in staying home.

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