New Year, New Beginnings

What is this new year bringing for you? For many, the final weeks of the year are spent planning for changes in their life that are scheduled for the coming January. It is viewed as a fresh start or a clean slate. Having goals is one thing, but working to achieve them is another. It isn’t always easy to start new things, so many people use the new year as a chance to do something for themselves that will benefit them in the long run. 

New year’s resolutions vary from person to person, but for some, it can be as simple as drinking more water each day, whereas for others it can be a time-consuming goal that takes more time and dedication. 

For example, senior Kaleb Cooper shares his new year’s resolution: “This next year my goal is to work out more and be healthier. I am working right now to become the best version of myself that I can be, but I am not as committed as I would like to be.” After the close of 2021, Kaleb will be dedicating his time to bettering himself along with many other CHS students. 

On the flip side, there can be new year’s resolutions that do not require a lot of effort. A few examples of this could include helping others, volunteering, or saving money. All of these goals don’t necessarily require an extensive amount of preoccupation throughout the year. 

Senior Paige Rapa and friends agree that one of their goals for 2022 is to enjoy their senior year: “High school goes by fast and we are all just trying to soak up our final year together. Most of us go to everything we can because before we know it we will all be graduated and have gone our separate ways for college. It’s so important to go out and just have fun. Take it all in and enjoy what you are doing. We seniors only have a few months left, so it is time for us all to enjoy the time we have left here. My new year’s resolution is to enjoy the rest of high school.” 

On the other hand, Natalia Quigley, a junior, runs cross country and track and field: “I am hoping to break my PR this next cross country season, which would be my senior year. A big goal of mine is to qualify for states next year. In order to get there, I will need to train all year and continue to stay healthy throughout the year.” Many other student-athletes have similar goals that they hope to achieve in order to improve their own abilities, as well as their team. 

Many CHS students have created resolutions for themselves and plan to stay true to them throughout 2022. What goals have you set for yourself for the new year? Whether big or small, it’s important to consider setting goals for yourself that you can work towards this coming year. 

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