Crumbl Cookies Make the Cut

This past weekend I was able to try the new hot and thriving cookie place “Crumbl cookies.” It is located on 28th street near woodland mall, the location is a great spot which experiences a lot of traffic and has great vibes. There is usually a long line that sometimes wraps the building, but they have a mobile ordering system where you are able to get your cookies very quickly. In order to avoid the line I did the mobile ordering, you can place the order while you are driving to the destination. Within minutes of arriving a person brings your cookies to the car door and you are able to skip the long line. 

For the flavors, there are new ones every week which is very exciting and interesting. This week there were many flavors to choose from. The flavors were Waffle, Blueberry crumb cake, Chocolate featuring Oreo, Sugar featuring circus animal, Milk chocolate chip, and chilled sugar cookie. All of the cookies were served hot and ready to eat, each one had its own unique flavor. The Oreo and Circus Animal cookies each tasted exactly like what they were named after. The cookies are very big so they are perfect for sharing. They are also very rich so you do not need to eat a lot in order to feel like you tasted them. Overall, all of the cookies were delicious and the experience was very good. I would rate this a 9/10 and would highly recommend trying this place!


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