Most Popular Colleges 2022 Graduates Are Attending

With graduation arriving soon, many of the 2022 seniors are making their final decision on which college to attend in the fall. The most popular colleges that CHS students attend include  Michigan State University, Western Michigan University, and Grand Rapids Community College. 

The most popular school that CHS students will be attending is Michigan State University. One of the main reasons why people choose to go to MSU is because of the beautiful campus. One of the reasons that students have enjoyed the campus is because of the safe environment. The campus is safe because of the REHS staff who coordinates with the MSU Police and Counseling & Psychiatry Services (CAPS). Furthermore, according to a blog on the “5 Reasons, I chose to go to Michigan State,” one of the top deciding factors for choosing this college was the top-ranking undergraduate and graduate programs. Some of the graduate programs that were ranked number one in the U.S. News & World Report were the nuclear physics graduate program and the elementary and secondary education graduate programs. Lastly, Michigan State is a fantastic place to further your education because of the interactive student life and the exclusive academic community. Some of the student life that is included at MSU is the living and dining that the school offers. According to, there are more than 30 dining options that offer something for everyone. A student, who plans on attending Michigan State University in the fall, said “MSU has a beautiful campus and many student life opportunities that I am interested in attending.” 

Another popular college choice amongst the seniors was Western Michigan University. According to the Western Michigan Admissions page, this school “provides undergraduate students with mentored research and creative activity experiences.” Out of the many students attending Western Michigan University, Paige Lupton (12) said that one of the main reasons that she chose to attend Western was because she “likes the size of the school, and they also have good programs.” Paige also mentioned that it was “a very pretty campus to attend.” Overall, WMU has many programs that can fit each student’s needs and open opportunities to create a sustainable culture.

The third most popular college that seniors are attending is Grand Rapids Community College. GRCC is the ideal school to stay local while also getting an affordable, quality education. Nastia Lychuk (12) commented on one of the many reasons that she will be attending this college: “I choose to go to GRCC because of the costs and to explore my options before attending a four-year university.” According to the Grand Rapids Community Schools website, “GRCC provides learning opportunities to students at all levels of preparation.” All in all, GRCC has been shown to be the place for students to start off their education and soften the transition between high school and college. 

Overall, the seniors of 2022 are excited for the next chapter of their life and are eager to start a new journey, many at one of these standout local colleges.

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