Food Dood Takeover

“I do love a good meal. I feel like my meals aren’t very ordinary, my mom loves to cook so, our dinners are always great. Plus, I’m known for eating a ton. I’m also not really an ordinary eater. I hate breakfast food so I’ll normally have a nice hamburger or whatever was leftover last night from dinner, for breakfast. I think that’s where my passion for food began and I thought ‘why not share this delicious food and make all my followers jealous?’”

I asked Ryan Stanton, a varsity football player and state-ranked wrestler at CHS, what kind of food he likes to post as well as his all-time favorite food. Ryan did not hold back to share. He explained “My dad has a smoker and we love to smoke all different kinds of meat. You will see on my Instagram page mostly meat with some sort of unique potato side. Those are my all-time two favorite things. They should be their own food groups! I will say, I’m a little picky about my posts. My parents and friends like to give me a hard time about it. If we have a nice dinner a common question is ‘Is this food-dood worthy, Ryan?’ My all-time favorite food would be a nice big juicy steak with some sort of loaded baked potato with all the fixings!”

I noticed that Ryan’s meals are always picture perfect and look like some of the most delicious food. I asked him if he cooks the meals that are put on the page or his parents. He laughed and explained “actually, my parents do almost all of the cooking and I just post about it. However, there are a couple of things I’ve done. I grill a lot of chicken and fried chicken, sometimes steaks, salmon, and other things. And the meals don’t always look like that. I’ll put together a really nice plate and I’ll drizzle little extra sauce on the food if there is any or something special like that to make it more presentable and make the food-dooders (my fans) jealous.” I ended my interview with Ryan, asking if he had any future plans with his Instagram page. “I haven’t actually been that active on that account lately. I’ve just been really busy with school and football. So, as of right now, no, I do not have any exciting future posts, but be ready when I do post and follow the food dood on Instagram!” His handle is @ryan_the_food_dood.

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