Let Us Grade

Teachers grade the students, why don’t the students grade the teachers? While there could be a few downsides, the upsides are greater. When students are able to grade their teachers they will be able to have a better fit in the future. 

Colleges like Central Michigan University require students to rate their teachers, so why don’t public schools like Caledonia. With students being able to grade their teachers this will help ensure that students are receiving teachers that will support and educate them. Students that receive questionable teachers will often struggle with the subject in the future. 

Teachers split up students to the teacher that they see best fit, unfortunately students might not thrive in the environment. Every student has a different preference in teacher, to some a teacher can be perfect for them, but can cause a panic attack for another. 

Rate My Professor is a popular website for college students to voice their opinions on their professors. There is also a Rate My Teacher, a K-12 version of Rate My Professor, this website is not widely used especially by Caledonia students. 

A few Caledonia students voiced their opinions on the matter, Megan Russell said “Students shouldn’t have to rate their teachers, if they ever did have to they should be anonymous and at the end of the school year, so that their grades aren’t affected by their response.” Although they thought negatively about the idea, they also mentioned that certain teachers just weren’t fit for them. Meanwhile Carley Hopkins said “Yes but it should be anonymous.” The option for anonymity should be available if wanted but the option should also be available for students to have their name shown if they wish. 

Students should be able to rate their teachers to help with student-teacher matching. They also should be able to make themselves anonymous if they wish to protect themselves and their grade. This should not be hard to implement because of websites like Rate My Teacher already listing Caledonia High School and their teachers. 

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