Reeths Puffer Rockets Give LC Puck a Run For Their Money

Saturday, November 30, 2019: The Lowell Caledonia varsity hockey team took on the Reeths Puffer Rockets at LC Walker Arena in Muskegon, Michigan. 

1st period finished as soon as it started with a score of 0-0. Reeths Puffer made 10 shots on the goal while LC Puck managed 3. 

2nd period featured a battle in front of Reeths Puffer’s goal with no victory for LC. A coast to coast was nearly achieved by forward #17 Isaac Hautala, but the shot was blocked by a Reeths Puffer defense (a coast to coast is when a player moves the puck from his own net to the opponent’s net and scores).  LC’s defense proved itself strong during this period, as goalie #30 Tommy Near caught a puck and was later assisted by defense #4 Dominic Huver in blocking. The result of this period was still a score of 0-0, with Reeths Puffer and Lowell Caledonia each racking up 9 more shots on goal (19 and 12).

The excitement of the 3rd period started as each team began to fight harder for a win to take home. The face off, fought by forward #18 Drew Klomparens, led to possession of the puck by LC. Not long after the period started, an upset caused forward #5 Eli Radtke to receive a cross-checking penalty outside of a play. His penalty gave Reeths Puffer the power play, leading to RP forward #18 Navarre Klint scoring the first goal of the game. 

Less than a minute later, RP forward #11 Quinn Fowler scored another goal unassisted. This confidence boost off of the power play gave RP the motivation they needed to score the final goal of the game, scored by defense #91 Dylan Stawski who was assisted by defense #28 Chris Hawkins and forward #18 Navarre Klint.

With 1 minute left in the game, Lowell Caledonia goalie #30 Tommy Near was pulled from the lineup in order to focus all attention on the offensive. Unfortunately, this attempt was not successful as the final score of the game was a 3-0 shutout with LC returning home unvictorious. 

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