Humans of Caledonia: Morgan Baisch

“I remember the first time I went on a plane. I was about six years old. We were going to Disney World in Florida. I was so excited because it was a flight at night and it was dark out so you could see all the lights. I was a little nervous at first but still so excited because my Mom was going to give my brother and I gum for when our ears popped. She never let us have gum so me even being able to have gum for the ride was super special. All the lights were so pretty and I remember being so excited chewing this watermelon Hubba Bubba gum looking down at the city. I loved it and was so sad when we landed and it was all over. It’s crazy that I loved it so much as a kid because now I hate planes and they scare me but it’s still a good memory.” -Morgan Baisch

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