Owen Norman 100 career wins


“  It in all was just an exciting and good moment because it is a big milestone that most wrestlers don’t have the chance to achieve, and also a big stress reliever because all I could think of the week before I got was getting it. It was also stressful going into the last match, knowing that there was a chance I would have to wait a little longer. “ I asked him to tell me more about the event itself and he said, “It was really chaotic because for one the announcer who was supposed to announce that i got my 100 wins took off right before the match finished so they didn’t announce it right away, they waited until I had already walked off the mat and was gone. The assistant coach dropped my banner trying to unroll it, the whole thing was just chaotic in general.” After hearing about the event of the win I asked him about the events leading up to the match and how he felt knowing he was about to accomplish this Owen said, “I was nervous, i was undefeated there was a chance I wasn’t gonna actually wrestle because if you get a void that counts as a win. I Was worried i’d have to accept the award by a void rather than winning an actual match. Another reason i was nervous was because one of my friends from Grandville had been talking to me before the match and he was about to win the same award so I didn’t wanna to mess up, but it was cool that it was on the same day like 10 minutes apart.”

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