Caledonia Mock Trial Team Wins Honorable Mention

Caledonia Purple and Gold Mock Trial teams competed virtually Saturday, March 12. The Purple Team got 4th in the division and received an honorable mention. 

The teams spent the entirety of their class time since the beginning of the second semester preparing for the competition. With only twelve students in the class, Caledonia was left with only two teams of six. Senior and first-year Mock Trial member, Hannah Schlett said “I really liked being with everyone together for so long. we all got to know each other really well.”

In Mock Trial, there is a new fictional case every year that is either civil or criminal. This year’s case, Dabney Hamlin v. Orange Inc., was a civil case where the reputable company Orange Incorporated released a new product called the MePhone, and the consumer Dabney Hamlin had their identity stolen. 

The teams are made up of students who act as attorneys and witnesses. The attorneys create direct exams where they ask their own witnesses questions, cross exams to ask the opposing team questions, opening statements, and closing arguments. The witnesses read the statements that come with the case and become the involved characters. 

Each team faced three teams that day, both facing competitive schools. The Purple Team faced Kalamazoo Central High School, which notoriously goes to states every year for Mock Trial. Though they didn’t make it to states, the Purple Team did win against Kalamazoo in the first round with ballots three to one. 

Andy Adams, a second-year Mock Trial member of the Purple Team, said  “Kalamazoo is dominant, as they are pretty good at Mock Trial. To know that we beat them means a lot, because they’re a good team and that my team and I put in the work. We could tell that our coaches were really proud of us.”

The Purple Team took two of their three trials and was only one ballot short of making it to states. However, their Honorable Mention still won them a trophy to add to the shelf. 

Even though both teams didn’t make it to states, both teams felt the competition was a real bonding experience. Second-year Mock Trial member  Ella Schuler (12) said “My favorite part was definitely getting really close with our team. In between competitions, we would just dance around and have a lot of fun.”

Overall, the teams don’t regret a thing and hope that the Caledonia Mock Trial continues to flourish into the future. 

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