CHS Welcomes New Principal Mr. Martin

In August, the superintendent of Caledonia Community Schools hired a new high school principal, William Martin, who is better known as Bill. Martin’s goals include making Caledonia one of the best schools in the state academically, as well as aiming to put it in the top 100 of Michigan, following the previous principal’s plan. 

In order to get there, Martin is hoping to provide a supportive environment for students and teachers by personally welcoming them and checking in on them in the hallways. He aims to use his experiences from Portland High School and L’Anse Creuse High School, as well as 10 years from L’Anse Creuse middle school. Due to the fact that Mr. Martin is just starting to familiarize himself with the school, students better recognize him as “the new principal with a bald head and a beard.”  

The staff finds Mr. Martin to be a very sociable person. Señora Wallace, a long-term substitute in the high school, said “I see him every day greeting the students in the morning.” She goes on further to say “He’s very laid back and friendly with the staff.”

Mr. Martin has been able to experience a friendly side of the students as well. During a lunch period, he said “A lot of the students I’ve met so far are really nice.” 

People can find Mr. Martin welcoming students early in the morning at the FAC entrance. He unlocks the doors around 7 am to hold them open for entering students. You can also find him wandering the halls during passing time and throughout the day, as well as inside the North Cafeteria during lunchtimes. 

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