The Heartbreaking End: Boys Soccer’s Bitter Finale

After competing against multiple teams concluding with East Kentwood, Caledonia Boys soccer lost the crucial game that would have qualified them for the state finals. Previously, the Fighting Scots had both won and lost a game to East Kentwood in the regular season, so the outcome was uncertain. During these playoffs, it was either win or go home.

Caleb Hughes described the scene: “Honestly before the snow/hail delay, we were hyped to play and then the game got canceled. I feel like they showed up mentally ready to play and we didn’t, that was our problem.” The entire game was bitter cold, yet many Caledonia fans still showed and boys brought their best to the field.

Kidd Avery described the loss as “Very disappointing, we had the potential to go far.”

Being their last game, many seniors felt the loss deeply, including Colin Salamone who said, “It was sad to see the season come to an end. If there was one more chance we could’ve completely changed the game.” Knowing that they had lost the game, some underclassmen were just as sad as the seniors. Evan Johnson added, “I talked to nearly each and every one of the seniors on the team. They were a family to me and always helped me to become the best I could be. Without them, I think the season would’ve been a lot less fun and the game would drag on.” To wrap up the season, the players all thanked their friends and family for coming to watch and for the support that made it possible for them to play on the Fighting Scots field.

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