2019, The Year Of Songs

Even though it is 2019, can’t your favorite song be released in previous years? Many Caledonia High School students prefer songs released last year. New hits are not stopping these oldies at heart.

“My favorite song right now is ‘Wow’ by Post Malone,” said Caledonia junior Julianne Kidder. She explained that listening to ‘Wow’ puts her in a happy mood. That beat uplifts her, and makes her want to dance. ‘Wow’ was released on December 24th 2018.

When Madi Clark was asked what her current favorite song is she said ‘This City’ by Sam Fischer. ‘This City’ was released in 2018 but became a popular song in 2019 over the popular platform TikTok. “I like listening to this song while I do homework. It is really calming to the point where I sometimes fall asleep to it”, states Madi.

“‘Heartless’ by Diplo has got to be my favorite song right now. It’s amazing. Diplo’s voice carries the song and its meaning very well,” said Aryana Moening. ‘Heartless’ came out this year.

 All in all, this year’s released music may not have not been on the top of everyone’s list for best music, but it was at the top of the list for some.

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