Athlete Aaron Henry Prioritizes Sports

“I don’t have a ton of free time due to sports but when I do I tend to hangout with friends.” Aaron Henry is a junior who participates in baseball and basketball. Although he cares about his grades, it’s really his love for sports that drives him as a person.

Aaron was pulled up to varsity for both basketball and baseball as a sophomore. He recalled, “I had the opportunity to play at a higher level and I took it. It was a challenge but I learned a lot.” He’s put in hours and hours of work during the off season to reach peak performance. But he also works on his academic game as “With sports and everything I really try to keep my grades up.”

Aaron has proven himself to be one of the best athletes in his class. “One of my favorite things about sports is meeting new friends and building relationships that I maybe wouldn’t have the opportunity to have without sports.”

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