Forgetting 2020 With New Year’s Resolutions

After a month into the new year, students reminisce on their new goals for the year, and whether or not they kept with them. 

After a long 2020 year, the students of Caledonia create new goals to better themselves in 2021. Although people usually create these goals before the new year, and even weeks before, they don’t always last that long. According to, only 8% of people in the U.S. stick to their resolution each year. This statistic holds true for the student body at Caledonia as well. 

Some common new year’s resolutions are losing weight, staying healthy, quitting caffeine, saving money, getting organized, and the list goes on. For Senior Morgan Baisch, she had a more common New Year’s Resolution. “My resolution was to keep up on going to the gym, at first I told myself I wanted to go at least 5 times a week” although now that we are a month into the new year, Morgan now says, “I try to keep up on it, but I’m in cheer now and so I only go to the gym a few times a week.” Even the most common resolutions get lost in the chaos of high school, and even people who try to keep up as best as they can, lose the routine of it.

Although some students have some more unique resolutions. These can be more personal to them, and their overall life. For example, senior Caitlin Osterhouse explains, “My new year’s resolution for this year was to not get grounded by my parents anymore.” When asked if she has kept up on her goal she says, “Well so far I haven’t been ungrounded from last year, but in the future, I will try not to get grounded again.” Another unique resolution was another one from Liz Reoch, “At every gathering that I have with my friends I wanted to bring my little film camera to them and take pictures.” When asked if she is following up on this, she says, “So far I have been taking my camera and I’m so happy to see the results and remember all the things that we did our senior year!” Another unique New Year’s Resolution is from another Senior Aubrey Brown. She states, “My resolution was to stop eating when I’m bored. I just eat whenever I have nothing to do and it’s not healthy haha” she also says, “I will say I don’t do it as bad anymore, but I still do. Like I do it when I don’t want to do my homework.”  

Although some people have common resolutions, there are also people with unique ones special to them. No matter the goal, it’s evident that people don’t always stick to them. 

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