“Loyalty and accountability are two of the biggest things that come with being on a baseball team”

“I have been accepted into Grand Valley State University, and I am going there for college. I plan on pursuing a major in biochemistry with a minor in Spanish. I will be living in the campus housing at Grand Valley.  I have been playing baseball for as long as I can remember because my family raised me on the sport. Baseball has taught me many life skills including discipline and resilience. I have had to be disciplined and responsible to get to the place I am right now. Some of the teams that I have been grateful to be a part of are Sluggers during summer seasons on their travel teams and the Caledonia High School program. I have learned the most from Sluggers because of the brotherhood that comes with being on a team. I have learned how to be there for others and I have gotten to know what it means to be a team. Loyalty and accountability are two of the biggest things that come with being on a baseball team, and these learned characteristics will help me in the future.

 A coach that has helped me the most would be my dad. He has helped me the most because he raised me and coached me all of my life. First of all, he has taught me what it means to be a great person and to treat others with respect. Secondly, he has also taught me the ins and outs of baseball along the way. His parenting and teaching style has always had a huge emphasis on family and doing the right thing. He has been there for me all the time and has helped me become a better person and player. I am looking forward to college and meeting new people. I am also excited to see what my classmates have in mind for their futures as well. It will be cool to see where everyone ends up. I feel like I have missed getting to know a lot of the underclassmen and have missed out on getting to know new people in the school. I have still made new friendships that are helping me now and will help in the future. It was all in God’s plan for us. His plan is perfect even if it seems to be off to us humans. 

 I would tell the incoming seniors to get right with God before they worry about anything else. God is the source of all life, He created the world as we know it. He is the greatest and will always be there for you whenever you call upon Him. Getting right with God is the greatest blessing I have ever experienced in my life. He has changed my life and my attitude towards everything in life.”

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