Caledonia Equestrian Team: Riding for Success

The Caledonia Equestrian Team is back in season this fall for riding. The group of student riders includes Sophia Lentine, Kendra Llyod, Mia Stiver, Anna Eliassen, Kylee Greenlee, Mia Nelson, Griffin Wolfverton, Sophia Bartuch, Ella Fredrick, Elena LaFranca, Adalynn Masselink, Reagan Ouwinga, and Carly VanderRoest. They all practice every other weekend, but the riders practice on Mondays at Foxfield Arabians and speed riders practice on Thursdays. Their last show of the year will be the State Championship, which starts on the 14th of October in Midland, Michigan. 

This year, the riders have continued working to find success in horse racing and have already won multiple awards. Sophia Lentine has recently won an award at the Barry County Competition. When asked how it feels to bring another award to the team, Sophia said, “It is a great honor to win an award for being top ten in the district this year and I’m so grateful for the support of the horse I’m showing, my teammates, and coaches.” She has been riding for years, but this is her first on the Caledonia Equestrian Team, which is a new experience that she claims to enjoy greatly. 

What’s more, the Caledonia Equestrian Team won an award for the State Championship last fall. Their families and teammates were very proud to announce that there would be a banner in the school gymnasium for the 2015 and 2020 State Championship awards. Mia Stiver, who took part in the competition, commented that, “It was amazing to see our hard work pay off last year and win a state championship, and I was happy to be part of that.” The Equestrian Team has been striving for another State Competition win,  and they are hoping that this year will result in another success.

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