Caledonia High School’s Fall Play

Over the past few months, 34 Caledonia High students and teachers have been hard at work for this year’s Fall Play which will be livestreamed four times after CHS’s return to in-school learning. This year’s performance will be Shakespeare’s Henry V with a special addition: masks and social distancing.


Since the first round of auditions on September 22nd, 33 students from Caledonia High School have been working on the play under Kate Lane’s lead, who has directed more than a few CHS performances in the past. Because of  Corona, she has done her very best to keep the ‘show feeling’ as similar to previous years as possible. “Since I had all summer to plan, the restrictions didn’t trip the theatre department up too much.” Lane gladly states, “We follow all the school rules like wearing masks and staying six feet apart. But there are a bunch of other rules as well! Actors had to make their own costumes and props so that no one else got their germs on anything. We also had to totally rethink blocking so that actors could stay six feet apart on stage. The scene we had to get most creative with was the battle in Part 2. The funny fix was to make super long weapons.”


Henry V is a historical drama set in the Hundred Years War between England and France. It is 1415 and English King Henry decides to invade France in order to become “Super-King” and rule two countries at once! “Anyone who likes political drama will love it!” Lane says. “If you liked “Lord of the Rings” or other medieval fantasy type stories, Henry V would be up your alley.”

To learn more about the Play and its cast and crew, you can follow this link below (a summary of the plot is all the way at the bottom)! 


As stated earlier, this performance won’t have a live audience. Lane advises everyone who’s even remotely interested in the play, to “Go to the livestream!” The live streams were supposed to take place during the weekend of November 21st, but have been postponed due to recent corona restrictions and shall be rescheduled. When Caledonia High School will be back to face-to-face learning, the Fall Play cast and crew shall have a tech-week, and then perform the show likely during the following weekend. For up to date information about the showtimes and such, visit the CHS Players page below.

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