Cases on the Rise in Michigan

In Michigan, spring break is during the beginning of April, and this is the case for most of the midwest as well. In light of this spring break tradition, lots of families travel to warmer weather for a much needed getaway. However, during this year, the COVID-19 pandemic has hindered some travel. Even though the inherent risk of traveling during a pandemic is obvious, there were thousands and thousands of people who left home for a trip. Although the uptick in cases was unprecedented for Michigan as a result. 

Students of Caledonia who went on vacation have some comments on the matter. Morgan Baisch says, “I think that is extremely sad that the cases are rising and rising each and every day. I wish that things were different and people were more cautious, because this virus is not something you should mess with. We have to follow all the restrictions when traveling and remain safe when leaving home so that everyone can stay as healthy as possible.” 

In the recent days, the amount of Covid Cases we have had in Michigan are up to 779,777. (According to When students were asked their opinion on whether or not school would close, it was mostly optimistic. Morgan Baisch also says, “I personally don’t think that school will shut down completely again. I think that if we were going to change, we could just go virtual to slow the spread, so there were less people in school at one time. I’m just thankful that we have the vaccine out and that people are available to get it so that we can eventually start slowing down the number of cases each day.” Another student Ella Theaker says, “I don’t think school is going to shut down as a result of the cases because last time the  Governor tried people started to not listen.” Lastly, another student Elizabeth Reoch says, “I think it’s inevitable that cases will go up after people have been traveling for spring break but I don’t think it’s enough of a reason to shut things down again. I’m ready for life to get back to normal. I really hope schools don’t close down, but I also wouldn’t be very surprised if they did.” 

Although there are some contrasting opinions on whether or not a recent rise in covid cases will result in the school closing, it can be agreed that when traveling the laws need to be followed and people need to be safe in order to protect the general health. 

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