You Get What You Work For

Ashley Gilbert is an extremely hardworking individual, she’s had a passion for medicine since she was a young middle schooler and has been working towards it ever since. She has taken as many science classes as she possibly can in highschool and is even enrolled at Grand Valley State University for a program that is purely focused on Biomedical Technology and Research. 

Biomedical technology is a broad term that combines engineering and technology to solve biological or medical problems involving humans. It mainly focuses on the design and use of medical equipment used to diagnose and treat various diseases. 

Ashley plans to apply to the University of Michigan or Calvin University to study Pre-Med with a major in biochemistry which explores the chemistry of living organisms and the molecular basis for the changes occurring in living cells. Ashley explained, “I am still trying to figure out a good minor but I will possibly minor in neuroscience because it will be meaningful and progressive to my knowledge overall.” Hoping to pursue a career as a trauma surgeon or ER doctor Ashley is doing everything she can to reach her dreams. 

According to Ashley, “Although the future is always uncertain, I know mine has great potential whether I reach these goals or not.” With this mindset Ashley can overcome every obstacle she faces in the future with a positive mindset. Finally she stated, “ I know it is hard work but I am hard working!” 

Read more about Ashley Gilbert in her experience of growth after two Caledonia teacher’s help. 

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