‘Tis the Season

Everyone knows the feeling of exhilaration felt during Christmas morning each year: waking up before the sun has risen, rushing out of bedrooms to take the first look at presents under the tree, and hearing the crunch of wrapping paper as gifts are quickly opened. Especially during a year like 2020, the holidays bring a sense of light and warmth to all who celebrate. Sophomore Grace Geer expressed, “I’m so excited for something more positive this year. I feel that the holidays will bring that.”

Known as the season of giving, the month of December is filled with searching through different stores for the perfect presents to give loved ones. Black Friday and Cyber Monday are fantastic days to knock out early Christmas shopping. With the Christmas spirit coursing through your veins and too-good-to-pass-up sales, the holiday mood is set on these two days at the beginning of December.  While Ethan DeMorrow believes Target and Woodland Mall are always safe places to shop, he also thinks tangible gifts aren’t necessarily the best gifts. “Having the people in my life that I love and care for is truly the best gift I could ask for. They all mean the world to me,” said Ethan. On the other hand, with the Covid-19 pandemic still plaguing the United States, sophomore Anna Stone prefers to shop online for holiday presents. “I really enjoy shopping on Amazon for Christmas presents because they always have the greatest selections. It’s also super reliable,” explained Anna, “I don’t even need to leave my house… all of my purchases are left on my doorstep.” Truly special gifts sometimes aren’t available in stores, but are abstract in one’s mind. Along with everything that has occurred this year, junior Faith Eaton has also endured the diagnosis of her mother’s breast cancer. When asked if she could give any gift to whomever she wanted, Faith replied with, “I would give my mom her hair back, since she lost it due to chemotherapy this year. In February, she was diagnosed with stage two breast cancer. I have not been able to hangout with anyone since February due to my mom’s immune system being too vulnerable.”

Although there are a plethora of stores that will most likely have the ultimate gift for your loved one, some may prefer homemade gifts over presents that are purchased. Known for her creativity, Grace Geer said, “I would love to give a friend a video of all of their favorite people saying something or writing something about them.” In addition to Grace, Alona Dulaney loves to give nostalgic presents. Before Covid-19 existed, Alona was able to gift her grandmother with a present she will remember for the rest of her life. “The most sentimental gift I’ve given was a framed picture of me and my grandma before homecoming. It was her favorite picture of us and she wasn’t expecting it at all and so I was super excited to give it to her. She loved it and she’s kept it hung up,” Alona recalled.

Giving a gift is usually met with receiving one as well. Before this can happen, individuals typically have to sit down and write out a list of presents they would like for the holiday. Whether it’s voluntarily completing the list on your own time or following a thirty minute lecture from your parents because they don’t know what to give you, composing a list of gifts further submerges everyone into the Christmas spirit. Feeling excited for the holidays, Amara Houghtaling believes the functional route is the supreme route to take regarding gifts this year. Amara revealed, “I would love to receive a car because it’s the most practical thing I need at the moment.” Wishing Covid-19 would disappear, sophomore Avery Lash longs for an experience instead of boxes wrapped under the tree. “I would love to go to a concert. I have never been to one and just being around a bunch of people again would be so fun,” communicated Avery. Contrary to both Amara and Avery, Kanika Verma imagines a Christmas present that would forever change her life. “Mariah Carey’s vocal chords” is Kanika’s ideal gift this holiday season.

The Christmas season will always be filled with joy and cheer, no matter what the circumstances are. With the Covid-19 pandemic, gifts are a great way to show family and friends how much you love and care for them from a distance.

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