The Next Step

Moving on and settling into the idea of moving on to the next opportunity can be hard but for senior Audrey Talley, it is a no-brainer as she is ready to get out of Caledonia and onto the next four years.  

Moving for Audrey isn’t unfamiliar as she has moved six times and each to a new place; though, for Audrey, she would easily tell one that Texas is definitely her favorite and can’t wait to get back! She explained, “The first 4 were all army moves so I don’t remember those but when we moved to Texas it was so easy for me.” She added that it is probably because she “absolutely loves Texas!” Though it may seem as if she would be used to the moves she explained “moving up here was way harder. Partly because we moved in the middle of the school year but I had a hard time getting adjusted.”  Audrey expanded that her family travels back to Texas a lot for vacations and to see family friends making her love it a lot along with the south. This assists her mindset as she wants to “experience new things and make new relationships.” 

When it comes to thinking of the next four years and what college she plans to attend Audrey stated, “I have no clue what college I’m going to as of right now” but it is sure she will find great success wherever she goes! Audrey plans on studying physical therapy and kinesiology as she has a passion for helping others and working with athletes. 

The charismatic senior finalized that she is “very excited for college and all the new adventures.”


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