The Life Living Out Of A Backpack

Backpacks or the traditional locker? A choice many high schoolers at Caledonia had to make with the addition of the new south campus and seven minutes of passing time. Many of the students decided the backpack was their best option. 


Junior Aryana Moening explained, “I use my backpack because it is too much work going back and forth to your locker.” In addition Junior Maia Budrick further expanded, “I choose to carry my backpack because nobody has time to go to their locker in seven minutes and travel between buildings.” She then added that though the backpack is more efficient they can become heavy and cause physical pain throughout the long school day. 


For some students like Sophomore Ella Moorlag and Junior Cade Graham, they felt the bags were their best option though they couldn’t always fit everything easily in them with the abundance of books, folders, and supplies. Further, student athletes like Audrey Torres not only carry their backpacks, but bags for their sports as well, adding even more weight.

Finally, each of them agreed on one final opinion: the backpacks were far more efficient to use throughout the school day and they would choose them over lockers.

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