Teen Mental Health VS. School


Teens in America spend an abundance of their time at school or dedicating outside time to it. Just under fifteen-hundred students attend Caledonia High School and in previous years even more, and each of them has differing viewpoints on how school has affected them. 

Current Caledonia High School Junior Cade Graham said, “I think school has helped my mental health by interacting with friends that help me be a better person. That’s why I look forward to school and believe it helps me mentally.” 

On the opposite side of the spectrum, former Caledonia student Amiya Reaves stated, “[School] has affected my mental health in an extremely negative way. It’s filled with people judging me based on my appearance or who I am as a person, leaving me with low self-esteem…The tremendous amount of work given to me left me stressed and upset, having mental breakdowns.”

Her point of view shading light on the parts of school that aren’t as sweet, but still exist for many students. 

Yet another Caledonia alumna, Gabrielle Harper, found an in-between: “Playing a D1 sport, school has become a mental break from the demanding pace of the athlete life. Though in my high school years, I was at a point in my life where I took everything so seriously causing unneeded stress and anxiety. I now realize it was a positive experience that I cherish.”

For those still in high school, Harper went on to explain high school can seem like a struggle while you’re there, but to enjoy every moment as it’ll be over quicker than one thinks. 

Each of these situations typifies the effect of school on students’ mental health, whether students felt it was a positive or negative experience. 

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