Students Hope for a Return to School!

In Michigan, schools were asked to close until December 20th, and the Caledonia school district made the decision to close until the 15th of January in 2021. Although students are notorious for not wanting to attend school, this year presents special circumstances, and some voices of Caledonia’s student body are ready to return to a normal school schedule. This school year for students has been nothing but normal, and kids are constantly in and out of school. Whether it be contact tracing, being sick, school mandates, and the state closing down. The new question is whether we will return to in-person learning in 2021. 

In our community, there is a sense of uncertainty, although everyone is still hopeful for the best. Senior Oliva Perez says, “I don’t think that we will go back to school in January, and I feel bad for our senior class.” The class of 2021 has been unfortunate this year, and haven’t had the chance for school dances, large activities, or any gatherings. Although there is hope on the horizon. Sophomore Erin Asper excitedly explains, “Well… last time they said it would be two weeks and we never went back [last school year]. So I am not holding out hope. Although I am an extremely optimistic person so I would love to go back! I am missing my people and being at school.” Underclassmen like Erin are more excited about the return to school since they have a few years left of high school left. Another underclassman, junior Ben Norris says, “I’m doing online this year, but hopefully next year we can be in person again, and I’m looking forward to that.” All students want this year is to get back to normal and see their friends, teachers, and peers at school. 

Although all in person kids are hoping for a return back, some students are okay with the new way of life. It can be assumed that almost everyone in school has adapted to the fact that virtual learning is the new way of life. Whether it be zoom calls, google meets, virtual lessons, and new learning platforms, we as a generation are forced to turn to our screens for knowledge. This being said, senior Owen DeReyter claims, “A part of me is thinking we won’t be going back in January and I’m fine with that.” Although there are differing opinions with our student body, we can all agree that returning back to life pre-covid would be the best thing for all of us. The general consensus: 2020 is the worst year to be a high school student. Although things are coming in the future, and everything is worth the wait.

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