Stressful Standardized Testing Season

For many high schoolers, standardized testing season has already begun or is soon to begin. Within Caledonia High School, students described standardized testing as “stressful, hard, and long”. Whether it’s the constant pressure put on students to do well or the lengthy tests taken, standardized tests seem to be a source of anxiety for students.


Approaching the long dreaded SAT, Junior Maci Vanderlaan shared some insight saying, “Don’t stress out too much and definitely get some good rest.” She explained that testing with little sleep won’t end well and will affect your results negatively. Additionally, Caledonia High School Junior Madison Clark shared, “Make sure you read carefully and eat a good breakfast.” She relayed that from experience – an empty stomach can be a huge distraction during standardized tests. 


Finally, Junior Camryn Asper said, “Study the night before. Also, do the ones you know first and then go back to the ones you don’t know.” Camryn clarified that studying in advance is a good idea but to study extra the night before will keep the information fresh in your mind for the next morning.

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