Tristan Valkenburg

Tristan Valkenburg, Staff Writer

Tristan Valkenburg is an exchange student who is also part of this year's journalism staff. He was born and raised in a little town in the Netherlands, called Nigtevecht. To give one some perspective of just how little "little" means coming out of Tristan's mouth: CHS has about as many students as there are people living in his hometown. They only have a tiny grocery shop and a snack bar, so he usually goes to Amsterdam when hanging out with friends or something. For some reason he has trouble explaining and even understanding, he has a strong affection for America. This affection is the reason he took on an exchange year to Michigan.

Favorite part of being on staff: Something I really enjoy about Journalism is the fact that you're working towards a goal. Unlike most other classes where you do assignments just for them to catch dust when your grade's in, in Journalism class you actually make something: the yearbook.

favorite type of story to write: anything else than hard news I guess.

guilty pleasures: eating chocolate... -or, actually just eating (like in general).

Favorite artist and music: my favorite artist is this rapper called Powfu. I'd say I listen to about 2-3 hours of music per day, pretty much all of which I have his music on repeat. He raps over Lo-Fi beats and his lyrics are usually sad, which I, a 17-year-old dude who got his heart broken over the summer learned to really appreciate. I also produce my own music. I mainly make hard beats for people to rap over.

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Tristan Valkenburg