Spring Break Excitement

Every year students travel south in order to finally see the sun that has been missing back home in Michigan for months. Many students countdown the days and look forward to a certain unique part of their vacation. When asked what the best part of vacation is junior Luke Heyboer said, “I like being in the warm and fishing down south.” Another junior Jack Buchmann however is looking forward to a totally different aspect of spring break. Jack said, “I’m looking forward to spending time with the boys.” While many people may agree with both Jack and Luke, Kacy Heaton said, “My favorite part of spring break is being away from school and being able to get a nice tan.”  Everyone looks forward to different parts of their beloved spring break, whether it’s time with friends, fishing in a new state, or simply getting away from school students and teachers agree spring break is a much needed vacation. Some students get through the year by reminiscing on past spring breaks, Kennedy Elles said, “I had so much  fun on spring break with all my friends, the sun was so warm and the water was so nice!” Another student Abby Samp made known that something she missed from past spring breaks was, “I miss just being away from school and enjoying the warm weather. It’s something everyone looks forward to and it honestly just keeps me going towards the end of school knowing it’s around the corner.”  The final student to be asked about spring break senior Colton Meyer said, “I miss seeing my girls in Fort Myers.” Whether your family leaves for spring break or you stay in town enjoying the week off, spring break is just around the corner and we can’t wait. 

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