Social Distance Communication

Did you know 79% of the population has a profile on a social media platform? This global pandemic has made it difficult for people to see and talk to friends and family. Life has changed over these last few months. People are learning new ways to stay socially distanced and safe while also still communicating with their friends and family. 

One way to stay in touch with friends is meeting in a parking lot to talk with them. “I have met up with a few people and we stayed in our cars parked six feet away from each other just so we could talk and catch up,” said Liz Reoch. This was one way that Liz was able to talk with her friends during this pandemic. It is hard for teen students who are used to seeing their friends everyday at school to all of a sudden not see them. It is important to find ways to safely talk to people for the well being of one’s body. 

Of course there are mediums and apps such as Snapchat and Instagram that people can talk through. Alyssa Hall stated, “I have done group FaceTimes with my friends so we can all talk and sometimes we do homework together.”  Alyssa also mentioned they have watched movies virtually together. This is another way to contact people if you are unable to see someone. 

Staying in touch with family and friends can be important for everyone’s mental health. One way Aubrey Brown connects with her family is Zoom. “We have Zoom calls where we can all get to see each other and talk about our days and new things we are trying.” Zoom is another platform for people who are looking for a way to virtually talk with people. Many jobs have resorted to Zoom calls for work/meetings. There are ways to see and talk to people during this global pandemic, it is just another thing students have to learn. 

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