Should PDA be Acceptable at School?

One of the many sets of rules that CHS students wonder about at school are those concerning PDA. At school,  it is interpreted as an etiquette breach to be over-the-top with kissing, hugging, holding hands, and even worse inappropriate actions. Many students claim to feel extremely uncomfortable during lunch while others are touching and kissing inappropriately. 

Avery Richards (12) said “PDA makes me feel uncomfortable and it is unnecessary to do in a school setting.”  

Some of the students feel that others simply take PDA at school too far. Lily Roseboom (11) said, “During lunch, me and my table saw a couple kissing and touching each other at the table, and I felt very uncomfortable.” 

Students aren’t bothered by hugging and hand-holding in general, but when their peers are kissing or acting inappropriately in school, it feels disrespectful to the students trying to learn in class or eat lunch. It may increase more awareness of expectations if health class teachers talked more about the PDA rule: “Students demonstrating affection between each other is personal and not meant for public display. This includes touching, petting, or any other contact that may be considered sexual in nature. Such behavior may result in suspension from school or possibly expulsion.” 

 When it comes to respectful behavior, many students feel that it is important to be mindful of actions in public areas, and school counts as one of those places. So the next time you think about kissing or touching your significant other, remember that you may be making someone feel uncomfortable in school.

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