Say Hello to a New Trimester!

      The start of this trimester has really brought out the extreme senioritis in some of the upcoming graduates. Senior Caity Tyson says, “This last and final trimester starting has only made me want to graduate as soon as possible MORE!” Other students, like Charity Spears, say “This trimester is quite overpacked and I am often a little tired. I feel like it would be a good trimester if I work hard and keep my mindset on what needs to be done.” Numerous students can agree that the workload can be a lot especially in specific classes such as Mrs. Wrubel’s AP Lang class. Alexa Leason agrees that the class is truly going to push her to her limits. She states,  “AP Lang is definitely going to show my true potential, I’m not the most excited for it but I am confident I can get through it.” She hopes that this optimistic mindset will get her through to the end.

     Mrs. Malmquist’s English 11A class thus far is going well, Morgan Baisch says, “ I like class with Mrs. Malmquist because it’s really engaging and I have a lot of my friends in the class.” Her classmate Kylie Hardie agreed with the statement. 

      Rachel Wildmiller says her food science B class with Mrs. Bender “is a riot for sure! Being in the class makes me feel like Gordon Ramsey!” 

       Zach Carlson enjoys his 5th macro physical science class saying, “It’s pretty solid so far.”    

      Although there is a range of different classes offered at Caledonia High School, most students are taking their new classes well as we approach the end of the year. 

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