Saving Lives

On Friday October 11, 2019 Caledonia Students for Life hosted the first blood drive of the year in which students could participate in donating blood to help contribute to saving lives. The high school typically holds two to three blood drives per year and often has numerous volunteers. Senior Lauren Leblanc worked at the blood drive as a helping hand to students who had just given blood by walking them to tables and offering food and drinks. “I enjoyed being able to assist students after they donated their time and blood to a good cause,” said Lauren. In order to participate in the blood drive, students needed to meet specific requirements of both age and weight. Junior Julianne Kidder weighed herself on and off all year in order to be able to participate in the first blood drive of the 2019 school year. “I wanted to be able to contribute to saving a person’s life but when I went to give blood they informed me that I needed to be 130 pounds this year rather than the 110 pound limit last year, because of that I was not able to donate,” said Julianne. Instead of physically participating, Julianne contributed by encouraging others to join the blood drive and helped other students who were able to give blood. The school plans to host a number of other activities throughout the school year that will not only benefit students but the community as well. 

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