Orchestra Students Take on Their First Concert of the Year

Caledonia High School orchestra students took the stage in their first concert on 17 October 2019. Students Alyssa Hall, Isabella LaFranca, and Elizabeth Reoch expressed their excitement for their first concert after all the effort they put into preparing for it. Elizabeth stated, “We worked hard to focus on playing well together and staying together and being a team.” The orchestra students have been practicing their songs every day in class in order to be ready for the show. “We practiced intensely on stage three days before the concert,” stated Alyssa. The students had to practice walking onto the stage and playing their songs in the FAC, where the concert was held. 

Every group of orchestra students has a player who is the “first chair” player. The job of the first chair player is to “keep track of the tempo and cues and check the tunes before the concert,” Alyssa stated. She is the concert orchestra’s first chair violin player, and after talking with her, excitement filled the room. “It was exciting to experience a new leadership position,” she said. Isabella LaFranca agreed by adding “It is a whole lot of leadership.” All three girls along with the rest of the orchestra members seemed to have put a lot of work into this concert in order to have a good outcome. 

Furthermore, these students will continue to practice different songs for their upcoming concerts. They were able to perform the songs Aladdin, Shallow, and Phantom’s Night at their first concert. As the year continues, they work to build up their skills in order to perform harder and more intense songs as a group at concerts. 

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