New Student Lot Gate Means No Turning Left

Early in the week of March 21st, a gate was put up outside the student lot in order to prevent students from turning left out of the parking lot after school. Put in place to help the buses leave without incident, it has received mixed reactions from some students. 

This is not the first time there has been conflict about turning left out of the school parking lot. Last year, some students doing it were flagged down and issued detentions. Students that took this shortcut did not have to file out along with all the other drivers at the exit by Emmons Lake Elementary, making the commute home much faster. However, this interferes with the school buses that also have to turn left.

Patrick Stewart, the new school resource officer, said “Previously, as most probably know, I was assisting with keeping traffic from turning left to allow easier flow for the buses. However, having the gate allows me to be closer to the building and more readily available. The gate will close at 2:30pm and open again at 3:00pm.” 

For students impacted by the new barrier, the school day is a few minutes longer.

“The time I arrive home on a typical day went from 2:47 to 2:55,” said senior Conner Manning. Even before the gate was put up he did not turn left, but the route he takes is now backed up because of the extra traffic.  

 Conner explained he is not too worried about it, as the last day of school for seniors is only about a month away. It is the underclassmen who will be affected by the new gate for years to come.

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