New Softball Rules

Every Monday, all the athletes in a spring sport; tennis, softball, baseball, lacrosse, track, and soccer, must get tested to be able to participate in practice and games. On Monday mornings, all athletes must get tested during their assigned time in the north gym. The student must remove the swab from the package, swap five times in each nostril, and give it to the volunteer to test. The only way out of the testing is to either have the vaccine or if you had covid within 90 days. Masks must be worn in practice unless the team has been tested. The team is also encouraged to spread out when possible on the field and in the dugout. On the bus to games, masks must also be worn the whole time on the bus. Once athletes enter the dugout for practice one of the coaches is required to take your temperature and record them down. They also ask if anyone has any covid symptoms. Before athletes get on the bus to games their temperatures must also be taken and recorded down. Many schools are taking safety precautions to keep students safe. Karine Kinninger agrees that the safety procurations are important but a little over the top, “I think it’s fine that we get tested because then our coaches let us practice without our masks when we are spread out, but I think it’s dumb that they have to take our temperatures before all our practices and games. Half the time the thermometers don’t even work because it is too hot or too cold out.” Ellie Thelen agrees with many others that mask use outdoors is pointless, “I never wear my mask when I’m outdoors and I still haven’t gotten covid. We never huddle together for more than 15 minutes anyways, so I don’t know why we would need to have masks on the whole practice especially since we get tested every single week.” Elizabeth Davis agrees with Ellie, “I get tested once a week so I don’t see the need in wearing a mask/ When I am outside I just always have my invisible mask on.” 


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