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Every year for the Caledonia Varsity Sideline cheer team Coach Stacey Mollis assigns each experienced cheerleader with a cheerleader who is new to the school and team. This year Mayari Coriano was given Adrian Meduna (AJ) as her big sister because of all the things they have in common. Mayari, an incoming freshman, just began swimming and diving at Caledonia High School and sideline cheer for the first time. AJ, who has done swimming for 14 years and began her sideline career as a freshman, had lots of experience in both sports. It was a perfect match for someone to look up to for Mayari

AJ says, “We found out our big and littles on the last day of cheer camp. I wanted Maj to be my little sister because she seemed so athletic and fun, she was a little quiet but I wanted to see what would happen with our friendship so when I found out she was my little sister I was through the roof excited and ran to her giving her a great big hug.” 

At the time the two hadn’t known they also had swim in common, as on the first day of swim practice after finding out they would be “sisters” they were both completely surprised to see each other. 

“In the past I’ve had some hard times with the swim team so having a friendly face on the team made me know that this was going to be a good year and I was going to have a good time which made the season all the better”, AJ recalls.

Big and little sisters are very helpful in cheer because for newcomers like Mayari, AJ helped her learn cheers she needed help with and they often went and got something to eat after cheer practice before carpooling to swim and dive practice. “We’ve gotten a lot of food together, I like Tropical Smoothie but we have also had sushi and Jimmy Johns which was fun.” 

When it came to swimming and dive meets the two were inseparable because it was such a good time. They often talked throughout the meets and in cheer, they were in the same stunt group which progressed their friendship even further.  

Speaking about AJ, Mayari says, “ [She] was very welcoming when I first joined the sideline cheer team. I could tell she was someone I wanted to be friends with and I always knew that she was someone I could talk to if I needed to count on someone and that she would be there for me. We always cheered each other on in meets and overall she is just a really good friend.” 

A friendship grown from the love of sports but definitely one that will be cherished! 

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