Memories Of Christmas Past

“Every Christmas break my family goes to my mom’s cousin’s house in Detroit to see my mom’s side of the family. We’re not really that close and most of my mom’s side is on the older side, so I only have my brothers and two cousins to hang out with. 

One year, when I was ten, we decided to play hide and go seek. For some reason my youngest cousin and I decided that it would be a good idea to hide in the bathroom. But then, he decided that it was cheating for us to be in the same spot, so he left and I was alone hiding in the shower. I waited behind the shower curtain for like five minutes thinking I had the best hiding spot, until someone came in to use the bathroom. Basically one of my relatives was just trying to go to the bathroom and had no idea that I was also in the bathroom.

 I waited for ten minutes for them to finish and close the door before I tried to sneak out. If it wasn’t bad enough, once I decided to leave the bathroom half of my family was standing outside and saw that I was in the bathroom with some random old relative.

 It’s definitely my most memorable and embarrassing Christmas memory.”

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