Living At A Distance


“Bored in the house” is what many Caledonia High School students are experiencing which means more free time and family time. 

Not being able to hang out with friends and school being canceled for the rest of the year had most students gleeful until realization set in. No prom, no opportunity to see friends, and no spring sports to play or support, leaves students “trapped” inside with their cell phone and families. 

As spending time with friends from school isn’t an option with social distancing, high school students are enjoying bonding time with their “at home” friends: Siblings. Senior Amber Jakiel stated, “I enjoy getting to spend more time with my brothers and playing Mario Kart”. She went on to say that she will really miss her final senior moments like graduation and her final school day; though, she really hopes there will be an option later in the year for graduation. 

Junior Audrey Torres  said, “My sister being home has been so much fun and we are always hanging out!”  For Audrey and her sister, getting outside and being active has helped their cabin fever. “We go on hikes and a ton of runs to stay active!” 

Very similar to Audrey, junior Lily Mathieu said, “I love being able to hang out more with my younger brother.” Lily and her brother have recently joined in on the viral trend of making TikToks which have kept them busy on quarantine. 

One thing these girls agreed on is that family time has become a big part of their days and will continue to be even after quarantine’s eventual end.

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