LC Puck Begins

The Lowell Caledonia varsity hockey team competed in their first home game on Friday, November 22nd at Kentwood Ice Arena against Northview. The boys were very excited to start off their season with the support of their classmates. Speaking with Nicklas Lockhart, a junior on the Lowell Caledonia hockey team, he addressed his excitement for the season to begin. Nick stated “We took a 5-0 lead on Friday, giving us a good boost of confidence when entering the start of the season.” Hockey is a very intense season that involves a lot of commitment, and the boys were ready to take on this battle Friday night. “Right at the start of the game, I had an assist to Dylan Olsen to lead us 1-0.” Nick went onto explain he felt this gave them a lot of confidence and adrenaline to pull through the win. “Later in the game I had another assist to put us up 5-0, this felt like it was a way to seal the win as a team.” The crowd was very excited as the Lowell Caledonia hockey team took their first win of the season. Nick explained “having people to come support us helped us get our adrenaline up and take a victory on our first home game.” The boys have a fun and long season ahead of them, “my biggest goal this season is to score more and execute plays as a team better” stated Nick. The Lowell Caledonia hockey team play at Patterson ice arena on Friday December 13 at 8 p.m. 

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