Lathering On The Sun Screen and Sanitizer

Whether traveling by car or plane, Americans are getting restless ahead of spring break and searching for a tan or some family fun. 

Just over a year into the Covid-19 pandemic that caused most planes to be grounded and airports to look deserted, Americans are taking to the skies again. The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) reported they have seen a historical uptake in travelers as they have screened more than 1 million people in the past two weeks. With many of those travelers seeking places like Miami Beach or other spring break hotspots experts are concerned and expecting a “bump” in the curve in the coming weeks. Just last week Miami Beach inflicted a curfew to reduce the number of spring breakers catching the sun or partying. 

This is all despite the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention strongly recommending that “even vaccinated Americans postpone all travel plans until more is known about how effective vaccines are against new COVID-19 variants – and whether vaccinated individuals can spread the disease.” 

So, some can only wonder if the tan lines and sunburn are worth the risk. To Avery Palmateer, it is but they plan on being safe during their travels and have been extremely cautious throughout the entirety of the pandemic. She shared “I am traveling to Anna Maria Island with my friend and her family.” She added that she believes travel will be quick as well as painless and that they will be “sanitizing and wearing masks of course!”

Also traveling are seniors Faith Potter and Nicole Devries, who have opted for an eighteen-hour car drive to Florida that will definitely warrant lots of leg stretching. Faith potter who is still optimistic about the situation stated “I am still excited though!”

Adding to the list heading to Florida is senior Audrey Torres who is happy to catch some rays and lather on some sunscreen at Vero Beach

For senior Audrey Talley, she will be taking part in a “staycation” and hoping for some warm weather; although, she will be heading to Texas in mid-April for a much-needed family getaway. 

So whether you are planning to make the jump and travel or play it safe and stay home…  Happy spring break!

For further information on the CDC recommendations and guidelines for traveling visit:

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