KCTC Academy Allows Students to Become Teachers

Teachers create the next generation of leaders. At KCTC Teacher Academy, students can learn the basics of teaching and gain hands-on classroom experience. Students in the program go to KCTC a few days out of the week, and the rest are spent at their mentorship. Throughout the mentorship, trainees will experience what it is like to become a student-teacher. They will not only help other students learn but will begin to understand what it is like to actually be the teacher. Students will have two mentorships each year, one for each semester. 

Mikayla Babb, a student who takes Teacher Academy, said “Teacher Academy is a great opportunity to learn what goes into teaching before having to make the final decision and spend the money in college.”

 I also took the class and plan on taking it again next year. I believe that a career in education will give me the opportunity to positively impact the lives of others. I have wanted to go into education since fifth grade because I had an impactful teacher who made me want to be like him one day.  With this program,  I have been given the chance to practice lesson planning and classroom management skills alongside veteran teachers in real classrooms.  I also obtain classroom experience in a range of subjects, settings, and grade levels. Plus, with this class under my belt, I have the opportunity to get articulated credit with local colleges with full completion of this program. 

When talking with other students – from schools all over Kent County – they described the environment of the class to be “chill and cooperative.” With everyone passionate about learning the same thing, it creates a supportive environment and fosters connection.  KCTC Academy is the ideal opportunity to train within the teaching field and gain real-life skills that will make a true difference.

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