Just Mercy challenges the audience to never give up

Fresh, new civil rights movie, Just Mercy, premiered December 25, 2019. The movie follows the point of view of young Harvard graduate, Bryan Stevenson (played by Michael B. Jordan), as he moves to Alabama with a goal to open a law firm for prisoners put on death row who cannot afford a proper lawyer. Stevenson’s first client was Walter McMillian (played by     ), a man who was charged for the first-degree murder of an eighteen-year-old girl. As he and his fellow attorney, Eva Ansley (played by ), investigate further into McMillian’s case they find that he may have been falsely charged. After years of fighting against the local courts, and many trials, McMillian is freed from jail and returns to his family. 

Furthermore, this film follows the rewards and painful setbacks of the legal system and pulls the heartstrings of any viewer as they see how McMillian’s family is impacted throughout his difficult journey to freedom. While Stevenson is busy trying to help his client, he also faces many cases of racism from the local sheriff and guards at the prison. Just Mercy teaches people to never give up, and fight for what they believe in. 

In conclusion, Just Mercy is a touching movie that everyone with a heart for justice should see. This movie leaves its audience just as courageous as the main characters themselves.

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