Is Prom a No or Go?

There has been one question whispered in the hallways amongst the students of Caledonia High School; Is there going to be a prom this year? Currently, students are trying to decide if they should invest money in purchasing prom dresses and dress shirts. At this point, students and staff members are both holding out hope for this dance to become a reality. In the Calendar on the Caledonia Community Schools webpage, the prom date has not yet been removed. Therefore, there has not been a determination of whether or not students should be preparing for this event. 

After interviewing several staff members at CHS, some questions needed to be answered. An individual stated that “There has not yet been a definite answer about prom, and we are still holding out the date to see if we can host a prom or not. If we were to host a prom there would certainly be restrictions on the event itself. The school is paying very close attention to the executive orders that are being put out to the public and also have a close ear on what the Michigan Health Department has to say about group gatherings.” Besides, the board is still trying to figure out how it will be celebrated this year. A staff member mentioned that “We want a celebration for the seniors in some way, we are just not sure what kind of celebration. Whether it is going to be a dance, or not we just aren’t quite sure yet.” 

With no word yet on this year’s prom, it is hard to see in the future year if there is going to be a prom. Safety is still a big concern for big events such as prom. As the new vaccine has been open to the public as young as 16, there have been thoughts about what the future has in store for social events. According to a source, “Safety for the students has always been a huge concern. If we were to get vaccinated then it could open doors for the future.” They also mentioned that “all of the decisions that we are making are following the guidelines from the health department. We are waiting to see the next conference that Whitmer has to hold so we can make further considerations about prom.”

The Caledonia community still has reason to hold out hope for a school dance. The seniors will be celebrating in some sort of way, whether it is a prom or another conjunction that is safe for everyone to attend. 

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