Inside the “Life” of Jocelyn

Working; an experience most high schoolers can relate to, whether they love their job or not. Junior Jocelyn Swanlund has a unique experience being able to work at Life Drivers Training, constantly around other kids her age. For Jocelyn that is her favorite part of the job, “I like being able to meet other high schoolers from Caledonia and other schools.” She added, “I have a lot of connections outside of Caledonia that I can keep in touch with because of Life [Drivers Training].” 


As an employee, Jocelyn is more than memorable for many students as she embodies an outgoing nature. Fellow Junior and Caledonia student Faith Potter stated, “She is crazy, sporadic and funny always making drivers training fun.” Jocelyn recognizes the impact she has on the students and why she is so memorable, “I think I’m so memorable because I’m so close in age with them. I’ve had times when kids talk to me about personal things they’re going through and it’s easier to talk to someone with a friendly face, who you have to see four times a week.” 


Finally she commented on how the job has changed her, “It has made me more responsible. It’s a lot more complicated than a regular high school job, not many teens are given the chance to try a harder skilled job.”

 Jocelyn truly does exemplify what a hardworking student and passionate employee should be.

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