High School and Beyond

Lydia Harper, D1 commit and scholar student has extraordinary plans for the future. Lydia has led the fighting scots volleyball team to hundreds of victories throughout her four years on varsity. Through her hard work and dedication, she has earned a scholarship to play volleyball at Miami University, in Ohio. There she will join her older sister, Gaby, and continue her volleyball and academic career. Lydia says she is excited for the next steps in her life and what opportunities are ahead. 

Lydia only has optimistic things to say about her new college. “I chose this college because I loved the coaching staff as well as teammates. I knew that overall going to Miami would make me both a better athlete and person.” While all this is very new and exciting and it can also be stressful but she says through the year she has come around to the fact that college is too close to be nervous, instead, she’s excited about a new path. 

Being a senior during these covid times can be very difficult but Lydia is trying to stay positive, “I think in a way my high school experience has been cut short because of Covid and choosing online schooling. I’ve missed out on dances and common senior activities previous classes have had. Before leaving for college I just hope to spend some time with my family and friends because I won’t be home super often!” 

Lydia has made an enormous impact on the volleyball program here at Caledonia and will be remembered forever because of it. This sport has brought unforgettable moments into her life. Sophomore and teammate of Lydia, Lija Sverns says “Lydia is an amazing teammate and friend. I wish she didn’t have to leave but I know she will go and do great things.” It’s always sad to see a teammate leave but Lydia’s future is full of so many opportunities that she can’t get right here at Caledonia. 

Going to college out of state can be tough but having her family by her side should make the transition much easier. “It’s definitely going to be weird being away from Caledonia and the small-town vibe but it will be cool to be in a new state!” She looks forward to being away from Caledonia but knows she will miss it, and it will always have a place in her heart. Lydia is very familiar with the school and its staff, her transition from a high school student to a college student will be made easy. She has always been a brilliant, straight-A student and will carry that to college with her. 

Picking a career path can be hard especially at such a young age but Lydia says with enthusiasm, “I am planning on an education path with a minor in psychology!” While the school has always come easy for her she seems pretty confident in this career path and will hopefully stick with it. 

Leaving a school and teammates behind can be hard but in the end, the experience you get from those same teammates is what shapes you into the person you will be. Lydia has made it obvious she is ready to start this next chapter in her life and is thankful for everyone who got her this far. College is a scary yet exciting experience and in the end, Lydia hopes to just make new friends and continue to play the sport she loves. 

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