Hearing Clear: The AirPod Debate

Waltzing into the new year, Apple released an improved version of their AirPods, known as the AirPods Pro. Apple claims that the new features of the Pros include sweat resistance, silicone ear tips, and noise cancellation technology.


The new AirPods’ sweat resistance is being seen as an upside for athletes who wear the product during workouts. Junior Cade Graham expressed, “Being a wrestler, I like to wear them while I run and they stay in really well,” showing exactly why the new updates are working to Apple’s advantage. 


However, the new look brought to the well-known product due to the silicone ear tips is leaving some unsatisfied, especially junior Ariana Lara. “I really think the older versions are cuter because they don’t have the added silicone. I also don’t like how the new AirPods feel,”  she stated, and then added she’ll “stick with the original AirPods”. 


In addition, the Pros had mixed reviews when pertaining to the noise cancellation as senior Madison Morris said, “I think it’s a super cool idea, but I feel disconnected at home, like I can’t hear anyone.” She later explained that when worn in a loud room she enjoys them a lot. 

Finally, Ariana stated, “My boyfriend loves them and I don’t. It’s really a matter of opinion”.

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