Girls Basketball Holds First Game of Season

Girls Basketball’s first game will be Friday night at Caledonia’s home court to show off their skills. The team has been training after school every day to prepare for this game and many more to come. Last year, they were not able to have many games due to Covid-19 affecting their season, but this year is going to be different. 

Junior Cadence Bommarito says, “ I am so excited to play our first game Friday. We’ve all worked so hard all summer and during the off season I can’t wait to dominate. I prepare for the game by hyping up with everyone in the locker room. I can’t wait for the bus rides and team dinners. Hands down some of my favorite things.” 

Each one of the girls prepares for the game in her own unique way. Whether it is listening to a favorite song, eating good food, of getting good sleep, they all do it to benefit themselves and one another. 

Junior Gracie Gortmaker says, “I am a little nervous since it is our first game but also very excited. I prepare for the game by drinking lots of water throughout the day and eat good food as well, like no junk food. I am very excited for all the bus rides and the fun times we will have in the locker room together.” 

Senior Tori Woodwyk says, “I am so excited and pumped to finally start playing some games against other people other than my team and can’t wait to kick some booty. I eat some good food and I listen to some good music and just start getting my head in the game. I started to get mentally competitive and fired up for the team I know we’re playing against. I look forward to creating even stronger bonds with my teammates and coaches and end my last year of Caledonia Girls Basketball on a good note!” 


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