Getting Through the Holidays During COVID-19

This year the holidays might be a little different. The impact COVID 19 has had is one that makes it much harder to see our loved ones near and far this holiday season. Families that are used to seeing Grandmas and Grandpas may not have that opportunity this year. Will the holidays be the same regardless of COVID 19?

When asked, several families such as Ashley Gilbert’s, Reese Brown, and Alyssa Hall families agree that the holidays will for the most part be the same. Gilbert commented that “[The only difference is the holidays would be] less exciting because I won’t be able to see my friends!” Reese Brown describes the details of her plans for break saying, “I’m hanging out with my mom’s side of the family on Christmas day, we’ll have a big dinner and have deep conversations about our lives and then my dad’s side of the family this weekend. Every year we do a secret Santa so we’ll be exchanging fun gifts! I recently found a little girl on TikTok fighting leukemia and cancer, so I’ll be doing my best to make sure to send her some great gifts for Christmas! That’s new for me this year, but everything for celebrating with my family is the same as always!” Alyssa Hall says,Yes it’ll still be the same. I’m celebrating Christmas with my family like we do every year and then going to Florida to enjoy some warmth.” Alexa Leason and her family also plan to soak up the sun traveling to Mexico. Leason expanded We are going to Cancun for Christmas this year and for New Years we will be at home and throw a small party with only a couple of friends.” 

Kylie Gardner is happy to see her family this season saying, “We are just doing our usual family get together, we are still taking precautions but I’m glad I still get to see most of my family.” Another family celebrating the same is Isaiah Shorts, who will get together with his whole family and exchange gifts. 

This is unlike Arianna Lara and Julianne Kidder’s families who will be celebrating far apart. Lara says, “Our holidays have been very different from past years! We are going to be celebrating everything as a family alone because my dad has asthma so if he catches the virus he could struggle badly, and we don’t want to risk anything!” Kidder will celebrate Christmas with her family over a zoom call since COVID-19 has resulted in the majority of them being in different states. 

Collin Gootjes will spend Christmas at home, he usually attends a friend’s NYE party but because of COVID he will not be able to do so. 

Kylie Navarro is also experiencing some change this season, she says,The holidays this year, unfortunately, will not be the same because of corona. I will only be spending time with my direct family and not extended, which really stinks. Our plans are to just basically stay home and celebrate with just the five of us, my mom, dad, sister, and brother.”

With all the change the virus has brought families in our school and all across the country, hopefully, each can make the best out of the holiday and continue to have an uplifting spirit for the holiday cheer regardless of how they celebrate it whether that be different from the last or the same as usual. Check out Caledonia students gift ideas in the article ‘Tis The Season by Livia Ubaldo. 

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