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After constant complaints about not wanting to go to school, there is now a popular desire to return to see their friends. During this pandemic caused by the Coronavirus, schools around the world have been forced to switch to distance learning using online programs. By doing this, students are having the opportunity to do their work in the comfort of their own homes. Switching to online learning during this pandemic will be beneficial for students and their learning. According to Dexway.com, online learning provides kids with more frequent assignments, which allows for fewer distractions. It is also mentioned that since students’ attention is needed for more and intervals of time, students are less distracted. Though in school, it is nice to have friends and be able to socialize, it can often be a disturbance for those who are easily distracted and also for the teachers trying to teach the other students. The format in which many online classes are being presented can aid in the decrease of this problem. 

For some students, sitting in a classroom for six hours a day can be challenging. If they are doing online school, people’s schedules can be more flexible. Connections Academy,  an online schooling program, claims that having a more flexible schedule can help students to not fall behind in their schoolwork. Not only this, but they can have more time to pick up new hobbies and sports. 

Students who are doing their work from home can also have a safer environment to learn in. While there are security and safety precautions in schools, sometimes things can go wrong, like an outside threat or someone bringing a weapon into a school. Rather than the anxiety of a possible incident, locating students in the safety of their own home can bring comfort to those who are worried about such things. 

Online learning has shown greater results for students academically and mentally. Though being in a classroom with friends and teachers can be beneficial, there are always opportunities for interacting with those same friends outside of school. Online learning has been proven to be more effective in retaining and learning information.

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